Dandurand Distributing is a factory distributor of The Jug Waterer and Champion Tow Ropes, which are 100% American Made products. Our Company offers the highest quality livestock waterers and the highest quality tow ropes available in the market today.


The Jug Waterer offers a unique design that keeps the waterer from freezing in the winter at a cost of less than $10.00 per year in electrical use.  The Jug Waterer is one of the most efficient watering systems in the market. The Jug Waterer also provides the cleanest, freshest water always.  With its unique design, the Jug Waterer never develops Algae or a sludge at the bottom of the tank from rotting feed. With a 15 year warranty and 60 day unconditional satisfaction guarantee, The Jug Waterer has the best warranty and guarantee in the industry. For more information on the Jug Waterer call 320-522-5649.

Champion Tow Ropes

The Jug Waterer

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