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Dandurand Distributing is a family-owned and operated company with offices in Minnesota and Kansas. Since 2016, we have represented quality products tailored to the construction, agriculture, and livestock industries.

Handymate Tools are designed with the independent contractor in mind. From our Studtwister to The Original Handymate Tool, multi-person tasks just became a whole lot easier.

Built by a farmer who understands the need for proper farm equipment maintenance! The Air Filter Cleaner Tool uses a spinning air head to evenly distribute compressed air to blow dirt out from the inside, thus eliminating the damage of filter blowouts.

Protect your vaccine so it can protect your herd. The CattleVac Box is designed to keep your vaccines cool and organized, while keeping you protected from harmful needles.

We are in the process of building our online store to help you order products more efficiently. Thank you for your patience!

To order a Handymate Tools product, contact Bill Dandurand at (785) 623-8522 or email billydandurand69@gmail.com.

To order an Air Filter Cleaner or CattleVac Box product, please contact Brad Dandurand at (303) 945-1427 or email danduranddistributing@yahoo.com.