clean your dirty air filter in under one minute


Extend the Life of Cylindrical Air Filters

Air filters in farm equipment take a beating every day. The Air Filter Cleaner tool is designed specifically to extend the life of these filters...thus protecting your equipment investment.

Keep Money in Your Pocket

Face it, cylindrical air filters for farm equipment are not cheap. The Air Filter Cleaner tool will keep your trips to the parts store longer between visits, leaving you more time in the field.

How it Works

The Air Filter Cleaner tool uses air pressure to spin air orifices at high speed. Utilizing a spinning air head/nozzle, the tool evenly distributes air and eliminates the danger of filter blowouts.  

Cleans Multiple Size Filters

The tool lid has 6 tiers (4", 5.5", 7", 8.5", 10" & 12") to handle multiple size filters. The tool also comes in a 7-tier lid model as well.

Precision Machined in the USA

Each tool is precision machined and made right here in the USA.

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Price list



Air Filter Tool Kit - Standard     $249.00

Air Filter Tool Kit - XL               $325.00


12" Lid (with 6 tiers)                    $45.00

14" Lid (with 7 tiers)                    $55.00


90 Degree Male Elbow
Quick Connect                             $5.00

(3) 16" Tube in Red, Black,
and Clear                                   $12.00

25" Galvanized Shaft w/

Ball Valve & Bushing                 $29.99

Mini Ball Valve                             $8.99

Lid Arm Bracket                           $5.99

Hex Bushing                                $2.49


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