Air Filter Cleaner

Extend the Life of Your Filters

Built by a farmer who understands the need for proper farm equipment maintenance! Many techniques are commonly used to extend the life of crucially important, but expensive cylindrical air filters. However, the improper use of cleaning filters comes with the danger of the damaging the filter membrane – which can cause destructive dust to enter diesel engines. The Air Filter Cleaner Tool uses a spinning air head to evenly distribute compressed air to blow dirt out from the inside, thus eliminating the damage of filter blowouts.

Air Filter Cleaner – $249.00

The Air Filter Cleaner tool comes with 3 16″ individual lengths of tubing in Red, Black , and Natural.  You will be able to customize your own according to the sizes of filters you will be cleaning. The AFC will clean 4″ to 11″ ID radial seal air filters, shops vacs & auto filters. The standard tool is perfect for use in the Ag industry and will include:

  • 25″ Shaft
  • Ball valve & hex bushing
  • Our PRECISION MACHINED rotating nozzle with 3 ports (male elbow/push connects)
  • 12″ 7 Tiered Lid to accommodate various sizes of filters
  • Lid Bracket that will hold 3 sizes of arms at a time

Replacement parts include:

  • 14″ lid (with 7 tiers) – $55.00
  • 12″ lid (with 6 tiers) – $45.00
  • 25″ galvanized shaft w/ball valve & bushing – $29.99
  • 16″ tube in red, black, & clear (3 count) – $12.00
  • Mini ball valve – $12.00
  • Lid arm bracket – $5.99
  • 90 degree male elbow quick connect – $5.00
  • Hex bushing – $2.49

We are in the process of building our online store to help you order products more efficiently. Thank you for your patience!
To order an Air Filter Cleaner product, please contact Brad Dandurand at (303) 945-1427 or email

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