Protect Your Vaccines

Vaccines break down in sunlight and warm temps, making them less effective and even dangerous. Keep them cool, sorted and protected while processing your cattle. The Cattlevacbox is insulated and with the use of icepacks, you can make sure your meds are at the right temp.

Specially Designed for Organization

The Cattlevacbox comes with a specially designed tray that keeps your vaccines organized in each row, thus helping to eliminate cross contamination of your vaccine. Individual and transfer needles stay separated. The tray keeps your vaccines and needles in sight and right at hand. No more digging through an unsafe, unorganized mess!

Dual Lids/Compartments

The Cattlevacbox comes with two separate compartments. This allows you to access the vaccine guns and sharps box without opening the vaccine side of the box, keeping them cool until you need them. The gun side lid even has slots for easy access and safe handling.

All-in-One Vaccination Station

All boxes come with an accessory package which includes the vaccine/needle tray, attached clip board, a sharps container, syringe hole plugs, and a heat/ice pack. 

Vet Recommended

"Immunizing a herd of cattle in the Colorado heat can't help but lead to a false sense of security regarding the herd's health due to degradation and cross-contamination of your costly vaccines. The CATTLEVACBOX is designed to protect the investment of the rancher's time and money with its ergonomic design to cool and protect vaccine, keep syringes separated and clean and provide a safe spot for disposal of used sharps. Simple design often prove to be the handiest and the CATTLEVACBOX nails that on the head." 

Donald P. Thompson, DVM, owner, Elk Park Animal Hospital, Pagosa Springs, Colorado

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price list



'The Boss'                           $275.00

Jr. Cattlevacbox                  $199.00


Tag Caddie                          $45.00

Replacement Parts

Syringe Hole Plugs              $10.00

Hot/Cold Ice Pack                  $8.00


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