Clean Prep Cutting Board

The Flexible Cutting Board with Flexible Sides So You Can Cut More Food With Less Mess!

Clean Prep is a multi-use cutting surface for all your food prep needs. Perfect for the at-home chef!

This flexible antimicrobial cutting surface has flexible sides, keeping all juices and scraps off your counter. Store your food easily with Clean Prep cutting boards.

  • Cut veggies, meats, fish, breads & more
  • Acts as a bowl for food storage
  • Can withstand a variety of cutting knives
  • Use as a serving platter for large gatherings

Clean Prep Cutting Board

Single – $19.99
Pair – $34.99

We are in the process of building our online store to help you order products more efficiently. Thank you for your patience!
To order the Clean Prep Cutting Board product, please contact Brad Dandurand at (303) 945-1427 or email

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