Clean Fresh Water, Always!


Drinking Systems for Equine, Livestock, and Game

Your animals' health is our first priority! It's why JUG Waterers are designed with natural feed-removal and light blocking technology - to keep the water they drink free from algae and bacteria. And the energy-efficient design ensures the fresh water they drink will remain at a constant temperature, summer and winter.

Designed for Clean Water

The JUG Waterer features a weather-sealed water reservoir which block out sunlight. This virtually eliminates algae growth in the tank. Water is fed to the open drinking bowl through the draw tubes. These tubes are attached to the drinking bowl with a feed trap which keeps debris from the animal's mouth out of the reservoir, thus reducing bacteria growth. As an animal drinks, a suction/swirling action is created in the feed trap area. This action causes feed from the face of the animal to be reconsumed as the animal drinks. And because water is "turned over" whenever an animal drinks, there's always clean fresh water in the bowl.

Thermal Energy for Efficiency

JUG Waterers rely primarily on thermal energy (not electrical) to help regulate a constant water temperature. This is accomplished through the unique draw tube water supply system and insulated JUG earth tubes

Stand-Alone and Stall Models Available

JUG Waterers are available in both stand-alone and stall models. Stand-alone waterers are made with a durable rotomolded polyurethane construction and come in three (3) styles: single bowl, double bowl, and four bowl. Each style is equipped with an anti-siphoning float valve to prevent back siphoning into your water supply. Stall waterers feature strong polyethylene construction with an 18 gauge stainless steel bite guard (which prevents damage from cribbing). Stall models come in both wall and corner mount.

JUG Waterers...Because the Health of Your Animals Should Never Be Compromised!

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